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pineapple is a common symbol meaning "welcome" and can also be sent in emoji form as a means of saying “hello,” “welcome,” or “aloha”.


Just after the beginning of the wider spread adoption of Mastodon, user @acw began posting pineapple emoji on the site and gave it the connotation of the following additional meanings as delineated in 2017-04-09 Qina Liu: What I wish I knew before joining Mastodon (archived):

  • Sending 🍍 to new people as a form of “hello,” “welcome,” “aloha”
  • 🍍 is the emoji shorthand for boost, a Mastodon specific name for repost
  • 🍍ing is also a form of Internet slang for when your Mastodon follower count surpasses your Twitter follower count.

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