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related events is a section on an event permalink page that shows mini versions of events related to that event, often with minimal UI to RSVP.


There are many reasons why users may find events related to the current event useful:

  • Additional events in a series (e.g. subsequent Homebrew Website Club meetups)
  • Events hosted by the same organization (e.g. IndieWebCamps)
  • Events with similar topics
  • Events immediately before or after the current event in the same venue



IndieWeb Examples

None so far.

Silo Examples


Update 2016-03-29:

  • Top right text link is ALL CAPS "SEE MORE"
  • confirmations now stay (no longer brief)
  • GONE: fade and replaced by another event

As of 2016-03-08:

Facebook events, e.g. typically show a "RELATED EVENTS" box in the right column:


Note the minimal RSVP links for "Interested" and "Going" underneath each of these events.

If you click one of the RSVP links, the mini event is overlaid with a brief confirmation (during which you have a moment to "Invite Friends" or "Share")


Then fades slowly and is replaced by another event!


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