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size is an emerging microformats2 property that indicates the size in bytes of an audio and/or video file in the same item, eg a podcast.

How to

How to publish

Use a data element with the exact integer number of bytes in the value attribute, and any human-readable representation you choose in the contents. Example:

<data class="p-size" value="45678">45.7 KB</data>

Some examples in the wild only include human-readable string approximations, eg 17.43mb and 62.2 MB, but these can't be used in places that need the exact number of bytes, eg RSS enclosures.

IndieWeb Examples



Main article: granary

granary converts podcast h-feeds and h-entries to RSS with enclosures, including iTunes extension elements.

It reads episode size from the size mf2 properties, and supports both integer bytes and human-readable string approximations. It emits a <data> tag with both integer bytes and human-readable approximation, as described above. Background discussion.