smart watch

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A smart watch is a watch that has a high resolution display, usually touch-sensitive, and apps similar to handheld mobile devices, often used to receive push notifications from a smart phone without having to retrieve & unlock it, sometimes used at HWC meetups to remote control a smart phone camera to take a photo with everyone in it.


Why use a smart watch

  • Use-case: remote control a phone camera (e.g. Apple Watch to iPhone) to take a group photo with everyone in it; we often did that at HWC SF.


  • Pebble โ€” product line of a single company
  • Android Wear โ€” watch operating system that runs on hardware provided by several companies
  • Apple Watch


  • size โ€” too large compared to "normal" watches
  • battery life โ€” too low compared to "normal" watches or even sports watches)
  • marginal utility as a companion to a smart phone

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