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Stable Pages

This is a list of pages that are relatively stable, and have only minimal/editorial changes, which makes them much easier to keep in sync with the English versions when doing translations.

This is somewhat priority ordered, so if you are doing a translation, look at translating earlier pages on the list first.

  1. Main_Page
  2. principles
  3. code-of-conduct
  4. Getting_Started
  5. contribute
  6. why
  7. site-deaths
  8. internationalization‎
  9. other-languages‎
  10. how-to-start-new-translation‎
  11. timeline
  12. ...

That's a good start, and if you finish with those, translate the pages that those pages link to.

If you're a translator, as you translate more pages, feel free to add them to the end of the list above.