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status is typically short for status update, though may also refer to the use of post status in Micropub, or indicating whether an event is cancelled or has some other event status.



There are many different yet similar things that have a notion of "status", and it may be possible to generalize their various meanings into a common set of meanings, a Grand Unified Status Theory as it were.

  • event status, e.g. Cancelled
  • read-status, e.g. p-x-read-status and to-read, reading, and finished
    • and media consumption in general: listen, watch
  • issue status, e.g. open, resolved, closed
  • to-do items
  • exercise
  • trip

These are all things one puts on a list, perhaps opens or starts doing/working on, makes progress on, and then finishes / abandons / or otherwise closes.

In a way, all of the items that have status listed here are a form of event... something that is happening..with a start, end, etc.

That would make the simplest statuses those that reflect start and end... all the scenarios have these points. Prior to start, you may desire to start something... planning an event, reading a book, etc. A status may never reach end,.or you may cancel it before or during.

To-do: make a table of different use cases as rows, and different general use of status as columns, in a left to right, start to finish timeline ordering sort of way.

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