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Tests are a way to automatically check ones implementation for edge cases where it may break.


By utilizing tests and test suites when building an implementation one can get an easier understanding of the diversity among other implementations and ensure that one can take it into consideration when building.



  • Indiewebify.me โ€“ is a service that checks how much "indie web" your site is from many different perspectives

Microformat Parsing

Main article: microformats2


Main article: Micropub


Main article: Webmention

Additional Webmention tests:

  • checkmention โ€“ tests the security of a webmention endpoint
  • node-webmention-testpinger โ€“ pings a local webmention endpoint with a variety of test mentions taken from both real world sites and example markup. Aids in ensuring a correct presentation
  • node-webmention-testendpoint โ€“ a tool to test your webmention client. Generates a demo-post and a demo-endpoint to test if your client parses the webmention-endpoint correctly and to check if the ping body is transmitted correctly.

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