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small web

Small Web is a phrase used in a 1999 article, a hosting service, two consulting services, more recently a May 2020 article, and repurposed in a Aug 2020 blog post to describe (without citing) a subset of IndieWeb principles, yet claiming to be exceptionally different (per narcissism of small differences), comparing aspirational ideals to practical IndieWeb solutions (example of Nirvana fallacy).

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featured comments

Featured comments or featured replies are a practice on some websites which typically add some sort of visual cue or indicator to comments often to indicate quality, value, or even specific authorship.

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microformats2 2020 is an IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2020 session.

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Created by on Thursday and edited 3 more times is where email sign-in messages come from when you choose email verification during a sign-in attempt.

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Nitter is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.

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email authentication

email authentication is an alternative sign-in method to the classic username password method, where the user only enters an email address, the site then emails the user a unique sign-in link, which upon clicking they are authenticated.

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AQI is Air Quality Index, a measurement of air quality that varies by country.

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BREAD refers to the ability to Browse, Read, Edit, Add and Delete, and alternative to CRUD.

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