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December 11-18, 2020

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SAML is an older set of identity standards often used by enterprises and governments for single-sign-on that has a trusted certificate single point of vulnerability, exploited in 2020 to sign-into numerous high value US government and other accounts, in contrast to IndieAuth, which by its distributed nature has no single point of certificate vulnerability.

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This page is for documenting examples of principles or values pages by individuals or organizations that are related to, overlapping with, or resonate with the IndieWeb community that we can keep in mind as we iterate the IndieWebCamp principles.

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IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2021 are stand alone single topic sessions originally started in 2020, partly in response to the coronavirus pandemic that prevented the long history of regularly occurring in-person camps in various cities.

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Ping was also known as iTunes Ping, a social network silo and recommender system operated by Apple launched 2010-09-01 and shut down on 2012-09-30 due to various problems, including spam, and Facebook blocking access to its API.

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Created by on Thursday and edited 1 more time is a silo content curation hub that also encourages syndicating to social media services, websites, and via newsletters.

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