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Crafts or crafting is a range of common hobbies about which some IndieWeb sites focus some of their content. In addition to photos of finished projects, sites often include descriptions, tips, descriptions, research, and patterns by which others might recreate those projects. Crafts include activities like knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, 3D printing, wood working, restoration, etc.

IndieWeb examples

Chloe Weil

Chloe Weil maintained a tagged stream of yarn related posts which featured her knitting, crocheting, and related projects:

Chris Aldrich

Brett Kosinski

Brett has a archive of posts using the tag "knitting" about his craftwork:



Ravelry is a silo that has social and e-commerce functionality for building a community and around knitting.

Craftsy / Bluprint

Bluprint (previously Craftsy), is a platform providing online craft courses/videos, patterns, and supplies.


Communities around crafts often have fora (forums) on a variety of silos, but this sort of functionality might be replicated using tags, Webmention, or discovery-based platforms similar to or IndieNews.

One can also post their content on their personal website and syndicate copies to existing craft-related social services.

IndieWeb friendly services like have discovery features like tagmoji for topics like knitting:

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