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Josh and Benet’s 2020 recap | Starlifter.Dev

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IndieAuth 3.6.0 Released
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Autogenerating Postman Collections for IndieAuth Servers
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Micropublish now supports the proposed Micropub extension for Channels. If your server’s endpoint responds to ?q=channel, or your config has a channel property, you can use the new field. While my current site doesn’t use channels, I’ve designed page management in my new, work-in-progress server to use the new proposal.
All Our Selves In One Basket
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Implementing the Refresh Token Grant in my IndieAuth Server
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life happens

life happens is a summary expression of numerous things that people experience in their actual physical lives that suddenly take higher priority than nearly anything else (like participation in volunteer-based communities), and the IndieWeb community is here to acknowledge, accept, and be supportive of community members experiencing this.

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game play-ru

геймплей или просто игра является пассивным типом постов используемый для публикаций (настольных или цифровых) игр в которые вы играли.

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GitLab Pages это хостинг статического контента от GitLab.

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snark -- это экспериментальный тип обозначения саркастичных постов.

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пожертвование -- редкий тип постов (чаще -- заметки) уведомляющие об актах пожертвования вещей или денег другим людям или организациям.

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u-translation-of is a proposed way to link to the original of your translation.

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