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July 23-30, 2021

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This fantastic essay touches on so many things related to IndieWeb and A Domain of One’s Own. We often talk about the “why” of these movements, but Alan Jacobs provides some underlying ethics as well. For those who don’t have a subscription, Alan has kindly and pleasantly provided a samizdat version on his site in .pdf format.

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Indy web

Indy web is a spider web encountered by the character Indiana Jones (AKA Indy), the web of Indiana Jones fan sites which link to each other, personal site features that make use of aesthetics from the Indiana Jones movies, or a misspelling of IndieWeb.

Created by [tantek] on Thursday with 11 more edits by and

baked data

baked data is bundling a read-only copy of your data alongside the code for your application, as part of the same deployment.

Created by [KevinMarks] on Friday and edited 1 more time is a self-hosted IRC client with a web interface.

Created by doosboox on Sunday

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