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September 17-24, 2021

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Building my own webmention receiver
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Some things to keep in mind if you build a search engine
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IndieAuth for WordPress Version 4.1.0
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Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a phrase used to pitch visionary sequels to the popularity of "Web 2.0" to advocate for particular plumbing solutions looking for problems, starting with the "Semantic Web" in the late 2000s, decentralization in the 2010s, and now mostly blockchains & cryptocurrencies; the IndieWeb instead focuses directly on user-centric goals, with technologies only as a means.

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domain-deaths are domain names that have been abandoned by their owner, and are either unresponsive, or vulnerable to being (or have been) taken over by bad actors, and thus any URLs to them should be unlinked and replaced with Internet Archive versions instead.

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