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September 22-29, 2023

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On September 27th and 28th - (08:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, 15:00 UTC) - the Data Transfer Initiative hosted its first online conference for social software developers, the Federated Data Transfer Miniconference.

We’re excited about our attendees list so far! We don’t want to give too much away, but on top of the world’s biggest ActivityPub projects and the world’s biggest tech companies we’re expecting guests from established Indieweb projects, small shops with promising new ideas, community safety and security professionals and even researchers who study developer mental health and thriving.

We’re also excited to announce our keynote speakers. Brian Fitzpatrick - founder of Google’s Data Liberation Front and creator of Google Takeout - will be opening the first day of the conference, and Lisa Dusseault - celebrated engineer, entrepreneur and CTO of the Data Transfer Initiative - kicking off day two.

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Data Transfer Initiative is hosting a casual happy hour in San Francisco. The whole team is here (all three of us!) to work together on data portability, and we’d love to catch up with you. We’re aiming to get there around 4pm to hold down some good tables, and should be there til probably 7 or so. Come hang out for a bit if you can and grab a drink! See if you thought the title had a typo.


The fourth IndieWebCamp in Nuremberg, is planned for October 28 and 29, after border:none on October 26 and 27.

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