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A video conference (AKA video call) is a way to call someone or multiple people; IndieWeb examples use a URL on a personal site for others to join and participate.

How to

The methods you can take to implement video conferencing on your site include:

  • Use Twilio Video or a similar service that manages the back-end for video and provides a high-level SDK to integrate video into your application. With this approach, you can build a custom front-end. However, hosted solutions may charge per call.
  • Use an open-source tool like MediaSoup to host your own front-end and back-end. You should look for Single Forwarding Unit (SFU) server technology as this scales better than peer-to-peer.

IndieWeb Examples

  • capjamesg supports video conferencing on his personal website using MediaSoup for live video, Etherpad for taking notes and for real-time chat, and a custom back-end for administering rooms (create room, delete room, etc.).



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