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A voticon is a text abbreviation for a vote, specifically b for yes (resembling a thumbs-up), p for no (resembling a thumbs-down), and bd for an emphatic yes (resembling two thumbs-up).


  • 2010-07-21: (C) Capture / expression of the concept and examples b, p, bd (but without explicit naming of concept)
  • 2015-05-06: (T) First apparent use of the term "voticon" implying this meaning https://twitter.com/hethjohnson/status/596006683257733120

    Getting vote ready by seeing @bamullinspeaks and co pieces @theatre503 #EleXion #whyisntthereavoteemoticon #VOTICON

    Emphasis added, indicating intent / desire for of a "vote emoticon".
  • 2015-10-06: First explicit definition may be the creation of this wiki page.

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