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Archive of 2014/SF Organizing and Planning.


Thanks also to:

  • Brian for helping to get the word out

Questions for Organizers

  • What is the capacity of the venue?
    • 30
  • How many rooms will we have for sessions at the venue, # of people, projectors? whiteboards?
    • Dining Room / 12
    • Bay Window / 7
    • Couch Area / 9
    • Piano Room / 8


Put suggestions for Indie Web Camp San Francisco 2014 here.

  • ...


Put your name here.


  1. get a company to cover lunch each day (see Sponsor section)
  2. divide up roles/responsibilities among organizers/volunteers
  3. do yours and help everyone else with theirs too.
  4. Archive Etherpads from sessions to session wiki pages - create as needed by clicking on red links on 2014/SF/Schedule and 2014/SF#Sessions

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