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Personal Site Focussed Mobile Comms UX was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2014.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-indiecomms

Session: Personal Site Focussed Mobile Comms UX (and payment) #indiecomms

When: 2014-03-07 12:00




  • grid of communication apps on mobile device - high cognitive load - how do I communicate with this person?
  • open

comm app - you have a new message! BETTER GO CHECK IT!

  • Start with people - click to open a window to compose a message to them
  • UI design on indiewebcamp wiki - in public domain. If you can implement it first, great!
  • iOS - Face icon, several comm methods in subfolders next to it
  • List of communication methods would change depending on whether tantek is asleep, or depending onthe timezone
  • Potential issue: Everyone who implements a list of contact methods on their site will do it differently, so there won't be a standard at-a-glance way to identify this. But everybody wants to be able to choose how to present it on their site.
  • Possible solution is different reader interfaces that can parse the raw microformats data
  • If we get the markup right, we can create an awesome stylesheet that everyone can share so people who are not good at CSS can use it and make it look nice
  • It has to look better and have a better experience than the native grid of comm apps on the mobile device (otherwise it just looks like "some crappy web thing")
  • Discussion: preference of contact method; Travis wonders why not just have one interface to send to preferred?
  • Good problem to have; at least the person has the ability to specify their communication preference in order. Silos have taken a stab at this, but example of Windows people-centric client-only UI getting this wrong - sorted by your pref of comms, not your friend
  • Does this mean all contact methods are public? No, can choose to publish only certain channels publicly (like AIM), and if you IndieAuth in, then new channels appear. Maybe grey them out instead of hiding them so people know there are more things that will show up if they log in.
  • much discussion about specifics, webrtc
  • u-impp - rfc4770 - only supports 8 methods? http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4770
  • IRC URI: irc://myserver/kilroy,isnick?msg=are%20you%20here%3F


Need to convert it (part or whole) to JS, probably with http://microformatshiv.com/

  • TODO: find URI schemes for all the apps (sms:, etc)
  • snarfed: many of these are posted, offers to find them
  • irc://irc.freenode.net/tantek,isnick
    • Colloquy doesn't support ",isnick" and thus creates a channel "tantek" instead
      • Need to file a bug against Colloquy
    • Snak doesn't support this, tries to join #tantek and #isnick

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