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We'll schedule the sessions on the day of the camp! See Schedule for an overall outline of the timeslots. Feel free to brainstorm ideas of sessions you'd like to talk about, or you'd like someone else to talk about.

See: 2014 Schedule


Add your session ideas for things you want lead a discussion about. Be sure to add your name.

Let's build an IndieWeb Aggregator

Proposed by: Ben Werdmuller

Writing is only half the story. Let's get the ball rolling on an ecosystem of awesome indieweb readers across platforms.

Private Posts

Proposed by: Ben Werdmuller

I want to be able to share privately from my own site to my friends (and my company). So do my friends - they've told me so. Oh, and btw, Pew found that 84% of Internet users are concerned about privacy. How can we start thinking about this?

Streaming media on your own site

Proposed by: Ben Werdmuller

It's not just about text. I don't want to use YouTube to host video - I want all my content in one place. Those of us who are doing this, how are we doing it? Can we make it better / usable for people who don't own their own full-on servers? Which services do we feel comfortable leveraging?

Intro to IndieAuth

Proposed by: Aaron Parecki

What is IndieAuth, how is it different from indieauth.com, how you can build your own IndieAuth server, etc. This will cover all the work being documented at the IndieAuth category on the wiki.


Requested by: gRegor Morrill
Led by: Aaron Parecki

This will be a general overview of Micropub. What is it? Why do we need it? How do I implement it?

Session Title

Proposed by: ___



If you are interested in a topic but do not feel like you can lead the discussion, add it here.

Event Discovery

Requested by: Aaron Parecki

What is the best way to find out about indiewebcamp events? or events from other communities? Facebook events are too noisy, Tweets are too hard to miss, people don't want to check http://indiewebcamp.com/events all the time. What would an ideal user experience look like for discovering these events you're interested in?

Design Elements of an IndieWeb Site

Requested by: Kyle Mahan

I try to design a site that is elegantly minimalist, but it always comes out feeling cluttered, monochrome, and boring! How does one emphasize the important elements on a page without ditching all the indieweb accouterments like reply-contexts. I'd be interested in nuts and bolts talk about fonts, colors, margins, icons, rounded borders, and/or a more philosophical/holistic high-level discussion.

Security of Indieweb Sites

Requested by: Kartik Prabhu

With recent attacks on Twitter accounts (like @n and @j) and also the attack on codespaces.com, how can we make the indieweb more secure? If an army of well-trained engineers can not seem to do it, how do we as individuals accomplish that level of security?

Indie-comments using trust-less micropub

Requested by: Kartik Prabhu

How can we have indie-comment boxes, which not only post comments on a site, but also post it to the commenters site? Maybe an expanded discussion on Micropub for comments


Session Topic

Requested by: ___


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