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The opening IndieWebCamp 2014 UK session.

IndieWebCamp leaders will lead you through:

  1. Announce: Welcome to the 3rd annual IndieWebCampUK!
  2. Show Squarespace parody video
  3. Tell brief history:
  4. Show http://indiewebcamp.com/ home page and principles
  5. Note explicit decision to focus on
    • personal site "scratch your own itch" doers, doing, selfdogfooding, demoing
  6. Overview of IndieWebCamp Two Days:
    • day 1: intro/demos, lunch, brainstorming sessions, dinner
    • day 2: day two hack sessions, lunch, hack sessions, demos
  7. Demos of what works on your site today - note: must be a demo on your primary personal website (NOT: a secondary site, demo deployment, other corp/school/org site, random github library - this is a challenge to get your stuff working on your public personal site - if you won't put it on yours, why should anyone else on theirs?)
  8. Explanation of today (brainstorming sessions) vs tomorrow (hack sessions)
  9. Intro to how Barcamp sessions are scheduled: write THREE THINGS on a notecard:
    1. session name,
    2. your name,
    3. session #hashtag - used for tagging and etherpad.mozilla.org/indieweb-hashtag
  10. Session scheduling!
  11. Camp leaders call *start your sesssions* at start time



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