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Limited audience sharing was a session at IndieWebCamp Germany 2015.

Notes archived from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/limited-audience-posts

  • Lightweight protocol for describing and announcing shared folders would be nice
  • How to notify a user about new shares?
  • How to add auth to the mix?
  • ownCloud recently added sharing from one ownCloud to another, using custom endpoints and JSON formats
  • Use labels/tags intead of folders for grouping permissions
  • Use ATOM/RSS for keeing track of new shared files?
    • PubSubHubbub for receiving updates
  • Use IndieAuth to get long URL?
  • Outboxes per user?
  • Scope: limited audience sharing


  • things for me
  • for limited public
  • [public]


  • folders, documents, any type of file
  • shared - limited audience
  • rights: read only, or read-write ( >> adds complexity)
  • like Dropbox, ppl can add files to the same folder
  • like Etherpad, can live edit same file
  • desync, conflicts > how to deal with that

In IndieWeb there are no solutions for that currently.

e.g. Announcing if you want to share a folder w/ me, post the details to a certain endpoint and i’ll see in my inbox that you want to share it with me.

It could be a public webmention. Rel-me links, webcard, webfinger

“shared folders protocol” (doesn’t exist yet ;)

First monoculture solution: OwnCloud 7

Login and see your files. Next to a file can click “share”, gives a lng URL which cannot be guessed, can be emailed to sb else. That’s the simplest way In OC7 added: if sb has shared URL w/ you, there’s a button “open on my own owncloud”, servers connect, and the folder is listed in your own owncloud. Next time you see the folder under your own place. Have to accept all the sharings one by one (they’re not added automatically). If it’s spam you don’t click on it.

Issue: folder is owned by 1 person and hosted in their server, in case of rights change / delete all content will be lost, you don’t get a copy, everybody else puts their files on the owner’s server


Webmentions / auth token to notify of sharing Blogging to a limited audience > if this solves anyway in indieweb, can follow same procedure for files

Webmention should not include password.

Indieauth checks relme links on your website. Then it gets a token?

If I have access to a specific feed of you, I can read about the specific file you want to share with me

What is the main goal here? Share a blog post with someone? Then read access is the most simple. Adding write will complicate things.

If you want to read sth that's not public, have t go through indieauth?

Shared folders --> "Limited Audience"

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