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Beyond the Stream was a session at IndieWebCamp Brighton 2016.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/beyondstreams


  • adactio.com
  • tantek.com
  • aaronpk.com
  • sgreger
  • jkphl
  • petermolnar
  • ... add yourself


Other ways to show posts other than time-ordered feeds


  • last post in several categories
  • most minimal: just your most recent post (glennjones) at the top


  • grouped by category
  • list of things found by related tags/content
  • "algorithm" time-ish ordered subset. some items from the recent past.

Linear Clustered

  • calendar view, e.g. aaronpk's year achives: aaronpk.com/2016

Two Dimensional

  • on a map


  • time - stream, calendar, streamgraph, sparklines
  • location - maps, streamgraph
  • content - show related posts, group by subject of photo, tag cloud, pinned post, highlighted select few posts, popularity

IndieWeb Examples


everything shows up in main stream



  • I don't want to mess with the timeline so I don't include the future on my home page
  • future-dated posts do not appear on the home page, but can be seen at their URL and can be navigated to with the "next" button


  • sidebar is algorithmically curated (never have more than 3 bookmarks)
  • intent is the stream on the left is related to the permalink being viewed


  • displays only the last post on the home page
  • a very strong entrance
  • if the latest post is an article, it does not show up here

Silo Examples


  • time-ordered both by photo taken and photo uploaded
  • grouped by category/content "magic view"
  • map view


is time the ultimately best solution to organize a site

  • most indieweb sites are organized along a time line
  • historically, indieweb has been looking at the silos and recreating the experience
  • but more and more silos are moving away from chiefly timeline (though still mostly based on time)
  • alternative approach: organizing by content topics
  • one of the challenges of indieweb sites compared to silos is that we do not know our audience (no "following" feature)
  • idea: recreate the silo experience by e.g. creating a cookie and offering on next visit primarily what the user consumed last time
  • risk of a filter bubble, but could be made visible in the UI
  • adactio: "the problem is not the filter bubble, it's that it is opaque"
  • aaronpk: the issue might be best solved by a reader?
  • could it be some interactive element

other relevant notions

there are also other ways to push relevant posts to readers (re: glenn's "last post only" approach

  • pinned posts
  • "my most popular posts"
  • "on this day last year"
  • filter bubble reversed: randomness

other non-linear ideas

other notes

solution for former website snapshotting: http://wkhtmltopdf.org/docs.html

( subnote: run as /usr/bin/xvfb-run -- /usr/bin/wkhtmltoimage --height Y --width X --format png http://domain.com out.png )


aaronpk: As a vegetarian, I don't want to see all of adactio's photos of fish, but I do want to see his other photos

Woodwind.xyz is a reader

tantek: I want to build the notebook from Adjustment Bureau as my reader:

(x-axis is time, y-axis represents packed location using various algorithms; the length of the lines in y-direction represent the distance traveled?)


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