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Bookmark Workflow was a session at IndieWebCamp Brighton 2016.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indiebookmarks


  • aaronpk
  • adactio
  • sgreger
  • hotzeplotz
  • ... add yourself!


  • what do people use bookmarks for?


  • i bookmark for my future self. "oh, I read something about that" and can look it up later
  • had used third parties like magnolia, delicious
  • current workflow: generally on laptop, has a bookmarklet to create the bookmark
  • components of a bookmark: name, url, tags, block quote, own text/commentary
  • display: has a whitelist of providers to auto-embed things like flickr galleries
  • all bookmarks are public (because everything is public)
  • syndicates to @adactiolinks on twitter


  • do links in feed etc go to bookmark target or post about the link (when commentary added). Adactio got feedback that users don't want to click twice
  • sends webmentions for bookmarks
  • wants to ping web archive to tell them to save a copy

sebastian greger

  • wants to share with his readers *why* he's bookmarking something
  • posts via a bookmarklet
  • has some on twitter https://twitter.com/sebastiangreger with both styles
  • syndicated tweet bookmarks include title, author's @-name, commentary, link to original article or link to both (still undecided what is the right format)
  • all bookmark posts are private, only some of them are made public and that is when he adds commentary



bookmark vs read-it-later

  • mixed use: some bookmark to read later, others only what they read, others don't care
  • common use of tags to indicate whether something is for reading later or read

storing sites vs bookmarking

  • external archiving: http://indieweb.org/archival_copy
  • idea: could ping archive.org when bookmarking, so a copy is created (remember donation to archive.org)
  • www.wallabag.org looks interesting - self hosted open source pocket/instapaper type thing

bookmark vs. like vs. reply

  • bookmarks are not necessarily replies, as they are not directed to the original author but to the readers of the person bookmarking
  • bookmarks are not always "likes", because one may also publish bookmarks to sites one does not agree with
  • see indieweb.org/bookmark -> specific markup and microformats for bookmark posts


  • I don't bookmark indieweb fashion (yet) but use https://pinboard.in/u:alpower as it allows me
  • to auto bookmark links in tweets, and retrieve them using tags on the pinboard url.

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