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Etherpad: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/photos

IWC Düsseldorf 2016 Photos

Who is here?

Flickr: export old stuff from Flickr -> aaronpk has something (https://github.com/aaronpk/Flickr-Archiver

Own Your Gram: pulls from Instagram, may break in the near future


  • My website replaces instagram -> random phone photos are posted there
  • Flickr is used as the archive of all my photos, I don't want to display them in a stream
    • need a private flickr clone?


  • 3 layers of photos: RAW source (1000s per trip, offline), gallery (~100), highlight for feed (~10)

Andreas: I was hoping to use the concept of 'own your data' to tell stories that have been told in different silos in the past e.g. some photos of a trip I make with a DSLR and put onto flickr but some really crucial pictures I just snap on the phone and put onto instagram. An integrated view on my website would be nice.

Regarding flickr and backups: Do not trust a silo as your only backup. Always keep two backups in two different locations e.g. two harddrives and one's at your parent's place or one harddrive and a silo (e.g. flickr)

Shared galleries are a need for couples / friends travelling, parents with their child etc...

Photos from Apple becomes quite slow when you add a lot of photos, like thousands of photos.

No chance other than using an iCloud photo. Limitation only 5k photos in one album. Don't want to have all my pictures on Apple's iCloud, it's not a reliable service. I don't want to have an issue like the iTunes guy that Apple stole all his music and serves him different versions.

Pictures (and VIDEO) are large -> online storage is an issue

Getting photos off the phone

  • BitTorrent Sync
  • Dropbox app on iOS seems to upload photos very quickly/efficiently via wifi. Even faster via cable to your laptop.


  • three use cases:
    • 1. Get all photos off my picture taking device as quickly as possible. I don't trust iCloud. I tried flickr auto uploader and it was horrible, only uploaded 75% of photos. Tried G+ auto upload but it wasn't clear where it was going, other problems. I want something that uploads it to my site, then to be able to curate and delete. If I delete a photo on my phone I want it to delete on the cloud too.
    • 2. Photo archive. I take a bunch of photos, make some public, but don't want to push them all out into a stream. A subset of the automatically uploaded photos. Curated collections of public photos. No private photos here.
    • 3. Instagram-like usage. One or two a day.

Workflow for publishing photos is challenging.

  • edit, optimize, strip/sanitize metadata, display


  • EXIF vs extra text
  • EXIF/XMP are "canonical", but require software support, are invisible (both hard to find and hard to remember to edit)
  • privacy relevant!, e.g. Tagging with people, but maybe not when-taken and where-taken, because that reveals too much info about other people.


  • Uploading a picture would be an h-entry u-photo.
  • Uploading a gallery / album / set of pictures, would be an h-entry (collection post) with a lot of individual h-entry u-photo entries in it.
  • Tantek: Adding h-location to u-photo doesn't make it a check-in as u-photo has priority. The p-location will then describe the location of the u-photo.


  • create canonical post for all photos
  • h-cite them in usage location (post at time created, cite to pull up in stream, embedd in collection)

Silos currently seem to be ahead in terms of photo handling. There isn't an indie way of managing a lot of images smartly. Silos put a lot of computational power into the automated analysis of images.

  • Are there good owned solutions?

Use case of displaying other photos- I always favorited and used those feeds to create an album of artist whose work I use: https://jgregorymcverry.com/flickr-images/ I am worried how many of these I will lose because they are old, need to set up system to download and archive work of other artist