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Birthday events (birthdays) was a session during IndieWebCamp MIT 2016.

Archive of notes taken in http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/events

MIT 2016

2016-03-14 13:00 EDT Indie Events, RSVPs, Invitations, UI - We ended up talking about birthdays

  • Tantek.com: I post RSVPs on my own site, want to post events and eventually invitations as well
  • Ben.thamtustbe.me: I am in the exact same spot as tantek.
  • Satra: I use google spreadsheets!
  • mlncn: Uses Known which can post events but this is the first one ever: https://mlncn.withknown.com/2016/indiewebcamp-mit-2016 (date and time are not given a provided format)



  • Use-case: your own birthday, and people that know you on the IndieWeb, being notified of your birthday, wishing you Happy Birthday on your own website.
  • tantek uses facebook.com/events as a his facebook homepage, as it's a better UI than any calander system
  • one can separate private and public components on indieweb using logins
  • Tantek prefers to message people rather than write on their Timeline (formerly wall) so as to be sending a personal message rather than performing for the recipient's publics
  • Aside: Translate feature of everything people write to you is really cool, people are probably more comfortable writing in their own language.


Events Reader: e.g. https://facebook.com/events - shows a box in the top-right of today's birthdays and upcoming birthdays this week, and birthdays of the past two days, links to:


  • Today's Birthdays
    • photo/name, age (sometimes), text input box to "Write a birthday wish on his Timeline...", and View Friendship
  • Upcoming Birthdays (for the week)
    • each person in a small box (hover-card enabled on their name & photo)


  • How would I IndieWeb publish my birthday?
  • How would you find out about someone's birthday on the IndieWeb?
    • We need an IndieWeb equivalent "events reader" similar to fb.com/events
    • benthatmustbe.me would want to see all their birthdays in his calendar, whether gained from their site or entered himself
    • Or find out about it from your own site and calendar where you have added them at some point (ok to copy because birthdays don't change)
  • How would you wish someone a happy birthday on the IndieWeb?
    • I would go to their contact page and message them from there - Tantek
    • Feed of birthdays from which can send message in any way, text on phone for a close friend, facebook for someone who uses facebook, their web site for indieweb
      • ics/ical (standard format viewable in Thunderbird Lightning, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, etc). Problem with that is not extensible, hard to implement.

Issue of public and private information: Do you know who is invited