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Indorsements was a session at IndieWebCamp NYC2 2016 about endorsements.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indorsements

Video at: https://youtu.be/H0Hq2NDdhEM?t=1h57m41s

When: 2016-08-27 15:45



Indorsements is short for "Indieweb Endorsements"

Jess demo'd skillsbot, a Slack bot with a conversational interface for self-reporting level of interest and experience for various topics.

  • has a pre-determined list of skills (e.g. Information Architecture / Design)
  • users talk w/ Skills Bot to give 1-5 ratings of their interest and their experience level for these skills
  • this can be used to find people who are a good match for specific projects, or mentoring opportunities

Use cases for endorsements:

  • finding folks to do work
  • finding mentors
  • finding interested learners
  • portfolio to display past work

Examples of skills

  • achievements in video games
  • work done during a degree program
  • contributed work to a specific project
  • being a "good" participant at an event
    • what makes a "good" participant?

David suggested that an individual writes an endorsement on their site and sends it(via webmention) to the person they are endorsing. Or you post on your site a skill and people webmention-endorse it...

What's the difference between an endorsement, a recommendation, or a review?

Another David suggestion: you post an assertion on your own site, others reply to it with a post endorsing/supporting

  • Different from badges (where you have nothing until somebody gives you a badge)
  • You own the actual content and the replies strengthen the assertion

Asserting your skill / qualification *first* is far more "indie" than the badges model, where you're nothing until someone *else* grants you a badge for something.


  • Do we display the web of trust?
  • Who endorses the endorsers?
  • Who is the person for which their reputation is so stellar that everyone trusts them?
  • What is the UX of getting an endorsement?
    • Then, what is the plumbing needed to support it?

Examples/ Inspiration:

Action Items

  • Journey mapping the user stories < ----- you are asserting it rather than waiting for a badge
  • Someone should Post an assertion
  • Another person should endorse that assertion

Photo by session participant Tantek ร‡elik (not pictured)

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