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IndieWeb Hack Day Nuremberg 2016

Official Guest List

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If you're in the process of setting up your personal site, or donโ€™t have a personal site but want one, or want to create and contribute to the IndieWeb but don't know where to start, youโ€™re still very welcome! Find a creator (either listed below, or ask on IRC) to team up with and ask them to add you as their apprentice. Then get your site setup with IndieAuth and edit your entry!


Venue Capacity: 50
All lists alphabetically sorted by full display name.


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Name: Joschi Kuphal

Organization: tollwerk

IndieWeb Projects: indieweb TYPO3 extension, micrometa, apparat

Personal URL: https://jkphl.is/

Elsewhere: @jkphl on Twitter & GitHub


Name: Bjรถrn Stierand

Name: Sebastian Feldmann

Personal URL: https://maker.sfeld.eu/

Name: Isabel Forester

Name: Kiran Kumar

RSVPs from Tito

RSVPs received on to the Tito event registration (and not represented in an earlier section)

Name: Julian Hochgesang

Organization: GMK GmbH & Co. KG

Personal URL: http://hochgesang.de/

Name: Christian Ost

Personal URL: http://christianost.de

Elsewhere: Twitter & GitHub

RSVPs from Facebook

RSVPs received on to the Facebook event (and not represented in an earlier section)

Name: Christian Bruckmayer

Organization: openSUSE

Personal URL: https://bruckmayer.net/

Elsewhere: github.com/chrisbr

Name: Julie Anne Noying

Organization: tollwerk

Name: Markus Schuster

Name: Nina Lassauer

Organization: tollwerk

Personal URL:

Remote Participants

As with past IndieWebCamps, we'll setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.


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Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)


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Name: Matthias Pfefferle

IndieWeb Projects: A lot of WordPress plugins

Personal URL: https://notizblog.org/

Elsewhere: @pfefferle on Twitter & GitHub


Sorry to miss you! Hope you can attend a future IndieWebCamp!


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