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MicroPub Life Cycle was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2017.

IndieWebCamp Austin 2017

Session: MicroPub Life Cycle

When: 2017-12-09 13:15 CST



MicroPub spec is currently about creating posts and editing assumes you already know what you are editing.

Indieweb.org/micropub-brainstorming indieweb.org/micropub-extension

Review of XML-RPC protocol, which Manton is using to retrieve posts.

editing use cases:

  • quick edits to recent posts
  • editing old posts is usually not a time-sensitive thing or needs to be done from a mobile app

MetaWebLog API that micro.blog supports

metaWeblog.newPost metaWeblog.editPost metaWeblog.deletePost metaWeblog.getPost metaWeblog.getRecentPosts metaWeblog.newMediaObject

Micro.blog choosing post formats / categories screenshot: microblog_categories.png

Marsedit posting interface marsedit_categories.png

  • API to get recent posts - reverse chronological published date
  • bonus if that API supports paging for older posts
  • get list of categories - not all sites support this
  • autocomplete for tags


  • could also include list of categories
  • should probably return everything the client needs for setup

Should a server return all properties of a post or just name/date/url?

  • option for both, similar to existing q=source

querying venues?

  • community venue database?
  • can you query someone else's venue database from their website?