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Post Types was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2017.

IndieWebCamp Austin 2017

Session: Post Types

When: 2017-12-09 16:15 CST



  • What's the difference between bookmarks, like, favorites?
    • Chris Aldrich: I view them all as bookmarks and sub-categorize them as likes, favorites, etc. with subtle differences in semantics. I bundle all of them under the category of linkblog on my site: http://boffosocko.com/type/link/
      • The link blog categories include (in rough order of importance to me): reads (things I’ve actually read), favorites, likes, wishes, reposts, and general bookmarks (things I think may be interesting, and may come back to at a later date) which don’t fit under the prior types. I’ve endeavored to provide means of subscribing to these individually or in groups for those who are only interested in subsections.
    • gRegor Morrill: IMO bookmarks seem primarily for the author first, to find the link later, and optionally for others to discover content.
      • likes/favorites seem primarily for the author of the liked content first as a feedback mechanism. likes/favorites serve for discovery too, though

https://github.com/dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds/issues/126#issuecomment-350510734 GWG, for post kinds why not allow the user to personally write (or overwrite) the definitions of the UI readable parts so that they can create their own definitions of these things on their own sites. You can have placeholder text that a majority of people might agree with as a default, but by making it personally identify-able, you'll have solved part of your problem.)

  • Tantek Çelik: post kind of tag or person-tagging
    • Tagging someone in a photo.
    • Chris Aldrich: I think the tough part of person tags is they're typically an action taken on a piece of content (PESOS) rather than something that feels native doing on one's own site first (POSSE). They might feel more natural if they're done as PESOS with Micropub?


Photo by Tantek Çelik

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