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Webmentions was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2017.

IndieWebCamp Austin 2017

Session: Webmentions

When: 2017-12-09 14:00 CST



Webmentions are posts that show up on other people’s sites, often comments

webmention.rocks is good for debugging The bare minimum for a webmetnion is a link

  1. Start with a blank webpage
  2. Link to the post you’re replying to.
  3. Discover, find their webmention endpoint. Link tag with a rel="webmention" in their head or a link header. Use curl for testing
  4. Add microformats to the post
  • Can link an h-entry to another url in order to have author info available, but hidden from view, requires x-ray currently
  • Data element is a good way to hide h-card elements if not wanted to be visible. Better than using display: none or empty links
  • Need more tools to simplify this for users
  • Webmention is an evolution of pingback
  • More testing required to deal with potential spam


Photo by Tantek Çelik