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Photos, Galleries was a session at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/photos

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018
Session: Photos, Galleries
When: 2018-11-03 16:00



systems for media gallery sites

publisher use cases

  • post a photo in the social stream – covered by photo posts
  • post a small-ish photos (5-20?), potentially with context/comments. Probably solved as an article
  • post a gallery of many pictures, e.g. "200 pictures taken at a conference", "100 pictures from my summer holiday"

What is the difference between a Gallery and "all photos tagged X"

In the real world, a gallery is a white box with curated content translate this to the web:

  • custom order (or by special metadata, e.g. time when picture was taken)
  • "nice" presentation (e.g. probably not a common post feed with post date etc, but more things like an image grid. maybe some images highlighted)
  • the gallery might be an object in itself (e.g. so people can comment on it, like it, ... maybe reply with new images, has featured image etc)

Should images have individual pages/posts

reasons for it:

  • images have metadata that might be interesting (e.g. time taken), markup is unclear.
  • People can link and interact with individal images

possible gallery enhancements:

  • "live" gallery based on (one or more) hashtag(s) - new photos tagged as such are automatically added to the end of the gallery

What do people use Flickr for


How do I use Flickr?

It’s an off-site back-up of photos

I use it to find Creative Commons licensed material for my presentations

I publish photos under such a license myself, to enable others to use them

I embed Flickr photos in my blogposts, so I do not have to store them on my hosting account (which has much less storage, 3GB)

I use it to quickly find things back in my own photos, through its album structure and search. “Don’t I have a picture of that building from when I visited that conference in Copenhagen a few years ago?”

  • Toni: People can build galleries that include other peoples photos
    • machine readable metadata helps, especially license again
  • Schmarty: has a pool for the hackerspace, which people can submit images to
    • Indieweb equivalent could be indienews-like aggregator

flickr also good for public search

  • search across users
  • photos with a tag
  • photos with a person-tag

Search on single site is "relatively easy" multi-site search is a challenge.

  • is there a search engine for e.g. CC images
    • Creative Commons has one searching known CC archives
    • Google has a search flag to search for CC content, detection mechanism unknown
  • markup (esp of license etc too) might improve quality over google image search etc
  • potential experiment: search indiemap for photo posts with tags - does that produce useful results?
  • callback to search session in Nürnberg: would federated search help in social circles (search friends/friends of friends for events)

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