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Indie Strategy was a session at IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2018.

Video: ▶️55:22s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indiestrategy

IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2018
Session: IndieStrategy


  • Calum Ryan (calumryan.com)
  • Jeremy Cherfas
  • Björn Stierand
  • Frank Meeuwsen
  • Joschi Kuphal
  • Ton Zijlstra
  • Marco Hengstenberg
  • Philip Saa
  • Daniel
  • +3
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  • Fear of live coding from some particpants (e.g. previous session with Aaron demonstrating Micropub) - Mrco complimented since Aaron was explaining as he coded.
  • Interest in having a starterkit for IndieWeb
  • Barrier of entry to basic steps even with some coding skills
  • First you have get your own web server and domain which is challenge for non-backend expertise
  • Time consuming process to implement from scratch when all you want to do is write content
  • Jeremy Cherfas - remembers http://indiewebguides.org - Calum Ryan
  • Hosting options that are easily accessible - offering one package available on a hosted server which makes it easy get or have an existing domain. Making experience less scary / overwhelming. Minimally flexible.
  • Setup preinstalled plugins of IndieWeb?
  • Such a starterkit would be different per targetgroup. An artist has other needs then a journalist
  • Observations - gathering people in events that draw in a group that is open and portraying welcoming enrionment that's diverse
  • Journalist generations - reaching out to others to raise awareness
  • First steps away from Facebook/Twitter or at least offer an easy and viable alternative that is your own instead of a closed silo.
  • Maybe a need to raise awareness of concepts/primitives in IW that get beyond vague knowledge of open web which many only know of
  • Enable people to things themselves
  • Good side openess however downside of not knowing what direction to go in
  • One of the issues that came up: How can you be ready for someone whos shows interest in being part of the open web/indieweb?
  • Question on "When am I part of the Indieweb? When I have my own server with a CMS? Because I'm happy with my current hostingsolution". The most agreed upon answer would be: Have your own domainname. That's the way to get started. Then you can point it to anything and do whatever you want.
  • Overarching theme that comes back: First help someone articulate to know WHY they should investigate an alternative, after that show the HOW

== Ending suggestions for doing well with IW

  • Omnibear https://omnibear.com
  • Blog Talk
  • Just publish content
  • WithKnown
  • https://indieweb.org/Indigenous
  • Give a talk about and write about IW for others
  • Get next generation aware through modern media that engages younger people such as photos/video. Don't just focus on text.
  • How to Youtube videos with Aaron
  • Reduce the use of the words "simple", "just..." and "easy". Get on the same level and help others forward.

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