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IndieWebifying your WordPress was a hack day introduction session at IndieWeb Summit 2018.

IndieWebCamp Portland 2018
Session: WordPress DIY

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Please check this out and leave feedback. I am trying to redo the WordPress beginner guide

Testing Post Kinds

This is lillian's Checkin posts: http://anomalily.net/eliot-center-2/Lily was using a check-in category and not the checkin post-kind

A post from https://dougbeal.com that comes from OYS and has a picture swarm link - https://www.swarmapp.com/c/38eWXludgTD

blog entry http://crw.moe/t/KP

Here is a swarm/4square post that should have a picture https://www.swarmapp.com/user/432794314/checkin/5ad6268b6bd36b002cdbb9a9 \

We are discovering the images from ownyouswarm are not displaying correctly in the checkin