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Licensing and Ownership was a session at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019.

Video: ▢️52:17s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/licensing

IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019
Session: Licensing and Ownership
When: 2019-09-28 14:50



  • jvt.me uses blog as way to document work for colleagues as well.

Has used various licenses, creative commons for content, and other licenses for codes.

  • rel=license doesn't let you say what kind of content it is
  • could a specific photo be licensed differently than the rest of the post?
  • how does the license get marked up so that a reader can present the license appropriately?
  • and then syndicated to a silo, an d how do silos deal with it
  • using other people's pictures in a post - the only way to communicate this is to put the license text in the post itself
  • citing other people, not every jurisdiction has 'faire use' defined like US copyright law.

  Jamie Tanna shared https://tldrlegal.com/ as a great approach for looking at support for what a license does/does not entitle you to BUT remember that this is not legal advice, and to always

speaking about "what could be the best license" - a difficult one because   Jamie Tanna says it's a political and very personal choice   Jamie Tanna is not a lawyer and doesn't actually know that much, just a bit more than some of his peers

discussion about CC and how they make it easier for licensing content (opposed to code licenses, which make sense only for code), basically Creative Commons keeps copyright intact,but gives certain permissions up front to someone who wants to re-use content.

Discussion on whether the distribution of packages (and revoking it) is valid (TODO: add link to Chef + Seth Vargo) - this is a separate issue to the licensing one Cannot revoke a license that you've already granted - you can re-license, and add a new license to it, BUT it still has the old license! Can you retroactively change license? No! It's already granted

Can't see licensing changes over time i.e. Flickr unless Archive.org has the ability

Conversation about lack of licensing - by default (in many places) that copyright is default to the person, i.e. push something to GitHub doesn't mean anyone can legally use it tonz: in Europe, government need to specify a license if they release it, otherwise it's public domain. Individuals retain copyright unless said otherwise

Ideally: Ability to show license with specific pieces of code / content, as well as its various forms over time

Idea: if embedded in a standard (i.e. mf2) then could have browser extensions to blur/prevent copy-paste of non-compliant licenses

rel=license unfortunately can't break down the scope, as <rel> is page-scoped

what about for inside videos? how can you put the data available for others to use, could it be in i.e. MP4 metadata?

  Jamie Tanna shared info from https://indieweb.org/license#Jamie_Tanna about splitting the licensing between code and prose https://www.jvt.me/posts/2018/07/29/more-explicit-post-licensing/

how do you handle license violations?

  •   Jamie Tanna spoke about sizeof.cat accidentally misusing the licensed code on jvt.me, but after a quick heads' up on email, it was resolved
  • Ton Zijlstra spoke about finding a Hong Kong newspaper using one of their photos, and having to send requests for commercial compensation as their photo was not for commercial usage

little conversation about under what circumstances you could sell a photo of someone else

  Jamie Tanna mentioned about using an SEO backlink checking to find out what other sites are using his content Ton Zijlstra spoke about old Google search allowing use of searching links between blogs

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