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Automating Maintenance was a session at IndieWebCamp NYC 2019.

Video: โ–ถ๏ธ47:43s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/setitandforgetit

IndieWebCamp NYC 2019
Session: Automating Maintenance
When: 2019-10-05 14:30



  • zephyr I need to automate stuff so I publish more
  • Rosemary Orchard
    • My SSL certificate renewel is autmated (certbot)
    • Backups of Grav sites are done by cron, as are updates and setting permissions afterwards
    • Updating lots of things have been converted to bash scripts which run with cron jobs
    • POSSE with Twitter is something I'd love to automate
    • PESOS from Swarm is automatic (OwnYourSwarm)
  • What do you automate and how
    • header, footer, nav
    • SSG can compile layout
    • People automate templates
    • Post type discovery - https://indieweb.org/post-type-discovery
    • Publishing with a micropub client
    • automate sending links to archive.org
    • geolocation lookups can be automateds
    • date and time published can be automated
    • automating img optimization

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