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Documenting (incrementally) the expenses of IndieWeb Summit 2019:

Date Description Payer Payee Amount


Summarizing some of the sources of expenses, especially those specific to Summit:

  • captioning
  • ...

Some "expenses" were fully covered directly by sponsors (in paranthese) and thus weren't actual expenses that the organizers had to account for:

  • pre-party social snack&drink tickets at Pine Street Market (Name.com)
  • day 1 coffee & breakfast, day 2 coffee & breakfast & lunch (Mozilla)
  • afterparty at Voicebox (Okta)
  • ...

Direct sponsorship of IndieWebCamp meals is something we have done historically and how we have afforded to do so.

See how-to-sponsor for how to help out with future IndieWebCamps!


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