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From Flow to Stock was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/fromflowtostock

IndieWebCamp Austin 2020
Session: From Flow to Stock
When: 2020-02-22 16:15


  • Cornelius Toole (moderator)
  • Joe Masilotti
  • Courtney Rosenthal
  • Grant Hutchins
  • Bryan
  • Ben
  • Jack


Stock and Flow

Idea comes from an article by Robin Sloan - Stock and Flow

  • Stock - materials that are longer in form (books) and repeatedly usable
  • Flow - small things that come and go

Joe: Podcasts are a kind of flow - as I listen to them, I wish I remembered and used more of what I learn and would turn it into stock

Courtney: I want to have two separate feeds in my next blog project: links separate from articles

Cornelius: I want to subscribe to a podcast and be able to get a list of people to follow from it.

Cornelius: I use Overcast as my podcast player, it has good audio processing. I can look and see that I've saved 640 hours of time through speeding up podcasts

Jack: Twitter surfaces "Moments" which are a sort of stock made out of the flow.

Cornelius: podcasts are an intimate medium. People talk into your ear. You spend time with attention on it.

Breaker is a social podcast app by Leah Culver. You can discover who was a guest on a show

  • You can follow people around as they show up as a guest on other podcasts.

Podcasts are hard to share. Overcast has a feature for sharing small clips and there is a web viewer.

Podcasts have advertisements, but sometimes they don't list

Gina Trapani listed Makerbase - you can list what you create. Worked like an IMDB for podcast appearances. https://makerbase.co/ (It appears to be gone now/replaced by another site)

Jack: Stock is a byproduct of flow. Either deliberately or by happenstance

Cornelius: Culture determines what value something has as stock. Spotify looks at the stream of what people listen to (flow) and turn it into playlists (stock). Companies can mine flow and turn it into stock

Grant: I use an app called Gladys to store things that I find and don't know what I will do with later. I can share URLs, images, video, Etc. Drafts is similar for bits of text

Cornelius: I export my OPML all the time and save it off Feedbase.io: (by Dave Winer) you can share your OPML and see what other people subscribe to

Cornelius: How can I make sense of RSS feeds and pull out interesting people to follow?

Grant: Can you look for multiple capitalized words in a row in the title or description and link them to a Twitter search for their name?

Podcasts don't tend to use microformats when they mark up their show notes. I could look for patterns by podcast.

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