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Owning your RSVPs was a session at IndieWebCamp London 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/OwnYourRSVPs

IndieWebCamp London 2020
Session: Owning your RSVPs
When: 2020-03-14 15:30



  • Jamie shared that he uses
  • Suze shares that being an organiser is not great on Meetup.com - especially the
  • Cheuk shares that they would like to move away, but it's hard when the platform is easy to use and discover
  • Within the Nottingham tech community, there's https://nottingham.digital/ which once you know about it, is a good opportunity to find other meetups. But need to know it's there
  • Event discoverability - Google link data? make more prominent for search results
  • Do we still need to be bought into silos to make them discoverable?
  • Syndicate the RSVP to i.e. Twitter?
  • Able to predict better with attrition
  • Twitter - HWC San Diego
  • Lower the barrier - through website, through silo?
  • https://indieweb.org/silo.pub could do it? (needs reviving)
  • Carol mentions https://queerjs.com/ which uses GitHub authN for RSVPs
  • Is using events.indieweb.org/ the right place? Isn't it then a silo?
  • Seb also renders an iCal of his RSVPs
  • At IWC Amsterdam 2019 we spoke about the risks of providing this information - especially as it leads to the risks of stalking/personal danger as it provides information about where you are

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