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The IndieWebCamp London 2020 session grid is where notes and videos from all sessions can be found.

All times are local times.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

09:30 Pre-Camp Help and Welcome

For those wanting some general help getting prepared and set up for IndieWebCamp Online, you can join us in the chat.

10:00 Introduction
10:15 Keynotes

Kevin Feeney, CEO of TerminusDB — Databases Must Be Decentralised Or We Will Never Be Free
Rosemary Orchard, Developer, Technical University of Vienna — Introduction to the IndieWeb

10:45 Personal site demos
11:30 Session proposals & scheduling
12:00 Lunch / Break
(initially set as 45-minute sessions with 5-minute breaks; adjust as necessary)
(Orange room)
13:00 Introduction - Building Blocks


13:50 Static Websites and Micropub


14:40 Analytics and the IndieWeb


15:30 Owning your RSVPs


16:20 Microsub and Feeds


17:10 Day 2 preview


Sunday, March 15, 2020
Create, Hack, Demo!

Time The Internet
10:00 March 15 Projects Kick-off
10:30 to 16:00 March 15 Projects Time

Ad-hoc Collaboration Rooms will be available throughout the Projects Time.

Projects people are working on:

  • Chris Aldrich working on some getting started and funnel related wiki pages Quick_Start and IndieWeb homepage draft (commentary/edits/collaboration welcomed); creating a colophon page on his site
  • Ana Rodrigues I converted my blog from jekyll to eleventy recently but there's quite a lot of things I still need to do: styling, webmentions, add CMS, pagination and remove my micropub endpoint (which was for jekyll) and try to create a new one.
  • Neil Mather following on from OwnYourRSVPs session, remove myself from the Meetup silo. Follow events through Jamie's tool; get a feed of events in my social reader; RSVP to events via the support Jamie added to brid.gy; publish my 'agenda' page (like Seb's) for others to discover events; maybe an RSVP iCal feed? (like Jamie's).
  • Greg McVerry I want to add a layout for articles without a featured image, add torrents for all my educational videos, use subgrid on my article cards.
  • Calum Ryan Convert five years worth of short form post entries in my database to flat files in preparation to use Kirby for all of my website.
  •   Jamie Tanna has a few, in priority order:
    • Add a birthday indicator for his upcoming birthday on Tuesday - https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/jvt.me/-/merge_requests/713
    • Add a new Microservice for his Matomo analytics that can be rendered on his site, to improve visibility and discoverability
    • Add Micropub Edit support to his Micropub server
    • Provide silo-aware profile URLs - i.e. when posting a note with a profile URL reference, rewrite it to their Twitter account for Twitter syndication
  • Carolina Gilabert refactoring my RSVPs to be read from a JSON file, so I can get a micropub implementation working and send those from my phone.
  • Sebastiaan Andeweg is trying to make a simple Micropub app for iOS. (Potential giant project, no promises. First goal: have a text input and send that to the server.)
  • Cherrie and Lewis Cowles are going to setup webmention send + receive
  • Barry Frost aims to improve the instructions and error messages from Micropublish. If time allows, I'll add post-status as an option.
  • Murray wants to set himself up on the Wiki (✅) and then update content types with microformats. If there's any time left, fix my calendar month code which is buggy.
  • Add yourself here… (see this for more details)
16:00 March 15 Projects Conclusions and Demos

Add your name/URL to participants in the etherpad if you'd like to show what you've worked on today

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