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Introduction - Building Blocks was a session at IndieWebCamp London 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/buildingblocks

IndieWebCamp London 2020
Session: Building Blocks
When: 2020-03-14 13:00



  • IndieWeb Building blocks can be used indenpendently
  • It begins with microformats
    • indiewebify.me checks out the microformats
    • At the top level a post is an h*
      • p-name says the title
      • p-author- author
      • dt-published date/datetime published
      • microformats allow you to parse html and use that information elsewhere
  • reply posts use webmention
    • webmentions tell a url you link to it
    • if you look in my head you will see rel="webmention"
    • Kevin Marks demos his receiever which is built by Pelle Wessman and deployed on heroku
      • ask nicely or deploy on your own
    • when you publish it looks at the webmention and send a note to webmention heroku
    • how you present the webmention is up to you
    • Question "How does it work on Twitter"
      • Twitter doesn't do it on your own but you can use [brid.gy bridgy] bridgy
    • You can use telegraph to send webmentions.

As it's a form POST, you can use an HTTP form to do it, i.e. the form on https://seblog.nl/2020/03/14/1/remote-attending-indiewebcamp or https://www.jvt.me/mf2/2020/03/oogau/

Can send it yourself manually, or you can use a tool like https://github.com/willnorris/webmention

https://webmention.app/ also is a great tool for auto-sending Webmentions on your behalf - great for static sites

https://webmention.io/ can be used with a static site and can be rendered with https://github.com/PlaidWeb/webmention.js/ client-side

    • wonders if I can do this, would mean adding javascript to my site
      • ^ it can be done at site render time, too, if that helps! the API is public, and until WM.js,   Jamie Tanna was doing that

If you want to write your own sending/receiving endpoint then start with https://webmention.rocks

https://webmention.herokuapp.com/ works similar to webmention.io

  • indiewebify.me
    • walks you through step by step through a post

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