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Static Websites and Micropub was a session at IndieWebCamp London 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/staticmicropub

IndieWebCamp London 2020
Session: How to set up/use Micropub with Static Sites
When: 2020-03-14 13:50




When using a static website it may mean that something had to be done manually (Example RSVPs)

  • publishes via micropub from micropublish.net
  • keeps raw microformats of the posts in gitlab
  • micropub endpoint write to gitlab using gitlab api
  • micropub is a standard format, so multiple clients can publish to one endpoint
  • clients don't need to know how the site is dealng with it on the backend
    • minimum you need to support is a form post request
  • jamie's endpoint writes to gitlab via api

Jamie created a micropub using java and is available in a repo in gitlab.

are there any JS only micropub endpoints?

  • netlify functions is another option
    • aws lambda that does the work for you
    • still use nodejs on the backend
  • jamie stores images on netlify
    • static page that posts to a aws lambda on netlify that sends a post request somewhere else
  • can you have multiple micropub endpoints?
    • no
    • what is the use case? using for example standard WP endpoint to publish content to website, but another endpoint (e.g. jamie's software) to post also to git repo
    • could make use of mp-extension https://indieweb.org/Micropub-extensions#Destination
    • could also write a wrapper so that existing endpoint forwards to both
  • jamie demos posting via micropub to both staging and production sites (given you can only have one endpoint)

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