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Accessibility on your website was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2022.

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IndieWebCamp 2022 Düsseldorf
Session: Accessibility
When: 2022-04-30 13:15 CEST



We started with what the accessibility means to the people:

  • opportunity for more users to interact with content - more business and more ethics - care for everybody
  • ARIA labels, non-discriminatory
  • easy readable, less distractions - no blinking or colors,
  • journey for maximizing value and usefulness even in less than ideal scenarios, accessible to situational disability - one arm (children), sun glare.
  • less information overflow, solving the focusing problems, helping with learning
  • being able to consume the content the way I want

There are testing tools for accessibility. The good also for the professional work is axe-core, add on for browsers - accessed from the dev tools. For beginner, the ARC Toolkit is a better option. But only less than half of the problems can be detected with the automatic tools. Example, for images, alt existing vs. alt is meaningful.

Arc Toolkit: https://www.tpgi.com/arc-platform/arc-toolkit/

aXe Extension: https://www.deque.com/axe/

A11Y project https://www.a11yproject.com/checklist/ -> a list of manual accessibility testing

The accessibility meetup on Wednesday: https://accessibility-club.org/event/accessibility-club-meetup-11-13

How we talk about accessibility: https://uxdesign.cc/the-little-book-of-accessibility-a9b59d82b412?gi=3d56662f2f48

There are legal frameworks, if you need to convince other people - UK (equality act), EU and US have different ones.

Mac (VoiceOver) and Windows have the screen readers included in - also a part, that needs to be tested. There are differences between them - like in skipping the content.

Screen readers survey: https://webaim.org/projects/screenreadersurvey9/ (what people are using) Mac and iPhone has VoiceOver, JAWS is better for desktop and office. But all of them are too smart - so not perfect for testing. They are designed to make life easier instead - so they compensate for errors. This is why the NVDA is preferred for testing, since it is the least smart. But JAWS also have the ability to turn off smartness.

JAWS s popular in Switzerland, because the education is centralized and concentrated on JAWS. It is expensive, but it possible to get the developer license.

VoiceOver developer got pushed back for trying to get free screen reader to everybody. It is considered to be expensive to develop a good screen reader.

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