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microformats2 parsing was a session at IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2023 aimed at resolving longstanding mf2 issues.

Notes archived from: mf2



Triaging GitHub Issues from https://github.com/microformats/microformats2-parsing/issues/

tantek: introducing #12

with microformats we believe in putting content first. all a webdeveloper needs to do is add classes, not change where they put things.

If you use the VCP to only markup the time, it canonicalises by looking for another date. The most recent seen date

adactio: an example where we mention dates first, and then times, and now the latest seen date might not match the first seen time.

tantek: is there an example? Or would you wrap only the time with a time element.

The other canonicalisation is timezones. If you put a timezone on one of the times, but not on the other one, the implied timezone applies the previous seen timezone to the other one.

There are cases where you have just a time, another time, and then a date.

zegnat: the problem exists with h-entry and h-event being on the same element. Introducing full timestamps for published and updated times. These could leak in without the author wanting that.

issue 4

Accept tanteks proposal

issue 8

Accept that we want to imply dates on bare times, editor needs to write up the spec

issue 12

Accept to split off the proposal of canonicalizing the Z timezone offset into a separate proposal to pass the existing proposal, as this requires more discussion.

zegnat: do we need to explicitly allow yearless dates?

tantek: we should call it out, and make sure we make yearless dates are preserved

barnaby: what happens with things that are not parsable?

tantek: they should be kept as is

zegnat: does that apply to yearless dates too?

tantek: we want to have it separate to say it is explicitly supported

barnaby: we should keep this issue around so we know to come back here

Issue 3

barnaby: note that it is only for h- and e-. Should it be allowed for other things? Other properties are already have the ability of being turned into objects, e.g. image parsing where alts are added inside an object.

tantek, zegnat, barnaby, gwg: lang should work like id, no need to have it as a h- and e- limited thing.

tantek: would not want to do inheritance

zegnat: the clearest case it when people are already putting it on the html element, where they almost never put microformats (adactio.com as example, mentioned by barnaby)

barnaby: would like to separarely propose that we grab lang attribute globally somewhere, so it will be in the parser output.

Should be added to the spec enabled by default

Issue 7

sknebel: pull request for python needs reviewing, then this issue can be handled asynchronously

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