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Activity Streams 2.0 is (AKA Activity Streams Core) an open web standard (W3C Recommendation) and format for communicating a series of user activities across websites, based on prior ActivityStreams community proposals & specifications and developed in the W3C Social Web Working Group.

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  • Criticism for using JSON-LD for extensions in AS2:
    • "I am not working with AP from a graph database.I am not working against a RDF data modelI am not dealing with RDF projectionsI am not an academic who is working with ontologies From a standards perspective: Every single time weirdness from RDF leaks into JSON, it adds complexity to downstream implementations. If your spec is entirely based on RDF that's one thing. But if your spec disclaims being based on RDF and says "only for extensions," then you can't have your cake and eat it too." @hrefna December 24, 2023