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Big-C Canopy is a decentralized social web and small-c canopy is a python package that implements IndieWeb technologies to this end. The network is being bootstrapped from This software should be considered alpha.

Live Examples



  • representative h-card and h-feed on homepage
  • posts + permalinks
  • IndieAuth at /sign-in
  • WebSub at /subscriptions
  • Webmention at /mentions
  • reader at /reader
  • editor at /editor
  • search e.g. /search
  • web actions at /actions


  • simple install — one command deploys a site (Digital Ocean supported but not required)
  • automated TLS — not only is your website protected the canopy will only interface with other secured sites



The most recent versions of all resources + metadata are stored in a SQLite database as JSON under Full Text Search (FTS) mode. Local results are shown to all searchers. DuckDuckGo results are paired on the page when logged in as owner.

OpenSearch is supported. Using it you can register your site's search endpoint in your browser so that searches through your address bar are routed through your website.