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Dublin Core (AKA Dublin Core Schema or just DC) is an old set of vocabulary that was used in meta tags for terms like date, subject, author of a page that has few if any IndieWeb publishing examples beyond Known support, and has no known non-trivial consuming code or services for web pages.

Dublin Core metadata uses a "DC:" prefix inside the meta tag name attribute.

IndieWeb Examples

Other than Known websites publishing Dublin Core meta tags, there are known no examples of #indieWeb sites prominently publishing or any that use or consume the vocabulary for any actual purpose.

Other Examples


Too ambiguous

Dublin Core does not unambiguously identify important document aspects.

Use Dublin Core tags (e.g., DC.title) as a last resort - they work poorly for journal papers because Dublin Core doesn't have unambiguous fields for journal title, volume, issue, and page numbers.Google Scholar Inclusion Guidelines

Lack of consuming code for HTML

  • Citation for lack of HTML consuming of DC (note authority) https://twitter.com/paulwalk/status/1093110979406237697
    • "(disclaimer: I manage DCMI): Good question :-) There is evidence of DCMI Terms being used in Linked Data in other contexts, but not aware of research into consumption of DC in context of being embedded in webpages. [1/2]" @paulwalk February 6, 2019

DRY violation

  • Due to the paucity of consumers including Dublin Core meta tags typically duplicates visible information and thus violates the principles of DRY.

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