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Hypothes.is is a centralized service and open-source project for annotation and highlights on the web.


Hypothes.is is a 501(c) open-source software project. A Kickstarter drive to raise $100,000 to fund a working prototype narrowly reached its goal on November 13, 2011.The effort is organized as a non-profit. It has received financial support from the Shuttleworth Foundation,[13] the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation,the Helmsley Trust, the Knight Foundation, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Hypothes.is uses the the Web Annotation Data model recommended by the now closed W3C Annotation Working group and overseen by a W3c Community Group

The tool relies on JSON-LD and a vocabulary based on RDF.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Greg McVerry uses the html export tool to PESOS his annotations to his website. He has experimented with using unmung to convert the RSS feed of his his annotations to an h-feed]

Other Examples

  • Remi Kalir uses the javascript plugin on his WordPress site to allow users to annotate.

How to

Plugins and Tools

  • CROWDLAAERS ​Capturing and Reporting Open Web Data for Learning Analytics, Annotation, and Education Researchers (CROWDLAAERS, pronounced "crowd layers") provides learning analytics about active participants, temporal activity (active days), collaborative discourse (threads), and also Hypothesis tags. Groups of individual annotations may be sorted by date, contributor, annotation, tags, and level (or the position of an annotation reply in a thread). Select any annotation to read the full content within CROWDLAAERS or in context of the source document


Some believe the use of RDFa in the annotation standard creates an over complicated spec for annotation [1]

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