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A transcript is typically a word-for-word text version of the audio content in audio or video posts.

Transcripts are often synced and embedded into videos and shown contemporaneously with the audio track in a process known as closed captioning.


Transcription greatly improves web accessibility. It also makes audio and video posts easier to find via search.

IndieWeb Examples

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire provided transcripts for This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition on his website. Some of the details for his process can be found at Native HTML5 captions and titles for audio content with WebVTT

Transcripts of IndieWeb Events

  • At 2019/NYC, Greg McVerry indicated "We had a bit of sponsorship money left over from @IndieWebCamp NYC so we are going to see how many of the videos we can get transcribed. Gonna always try to fund it for future events."

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Other examples

Most podcasts on the network offer transcripts for episodes including this example of This Week in Google for Episode #266: The Indie Web (September 10, 2014) with a discussion about Known and IndieWeb featuring Kevin Marks, Ben Werdmüller, Erin Jo Richey.

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  • YouTube - Add your own subtitles & closed captions
  • To access time coded text versions of YouTube videos that have transcriptions, click on the "more" icon (the three dots next to the video's share and save icons) and click on "Transcript" and the page will open a sidebar with the text of the captions. Clicking on one of the timestamps/text will take you to that portion of the video (aka media fragment).
    • It is possible to use the service TunesToTube to upload audio (only) files to rely on YouTube's transcription service to transcribe podcast audio.

Listen Notes

  • Listen Notes a silo platform for podcast discovery that offers a very inexpensive transcription service which appears at the bottom of most pages for individual podcasts. Prices are around $4/hour of transcription.

transcript interface.PNG


Rev is a paid service that offers transcription features including $1/minute to convert audio/video to text as well as to caption videos.


TranscribeMe is a paid service for transcriptions that indicates they can work for as low as $0.79/minute with turnaround times in under 24 hours.


oTranscribe is "A free web app to take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews." This is a more manual process for creating transcripts, but has some useful interface to make the process a bit less painful.

  • Suggestion: Rougher/cheap services (like YouTube) with automated transcription might be used first and then this service could be utilized to clean those transcriptions up.


IndieWebCamp sessions where topics or mentions related to transcription have taken place:

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