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FitBit is a hardware device and service for tracking exercise, sleep, and other physical activity. The company was acquired by Google 2019-11-01 [1].

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki uses a FitBit to record his sleep data which is published on his site at as of 2017-01-31. Previously, he was using a Jawbone tracker.

Some details about how the sleep data is extracted from the FitBit API:

Xavier Roy

I use IFTTT to post a daily activity summary post (private post). The flow requires FitBit and Wordpress services activated.

I also use Keyring Social Importers to import data off FitBit. This requires creating a FitBit dev account to retrieve data via their API. I prefer this method as I can tweak the import template to add more information/metadata. Right now, I'm facing some problem with my import.

Heart Rate

Some FitBit devices contain a heart rate monitor that can record continuous heart rate throughout the day. The application shows a sparkline of your heart rate for each day, along with the average "resting bpm" rate.