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Google Buzz was a Google silo for posting small text updates ("buzz"), similar to Twitter, but without the 140 character limitation.

PuSH support

As part of your Google Buzz silo profile, you could set it up to subscribe to and automatically syndicate in posts in realtime from a PuSH enabled feed from your own site. E.g.

IndieWeb community members that did this:

At the time (and since?) they were/are the only silo to have supported setting up an automatic realtime PuSH syndication into your profile there.


Google officially shutdown login and write access to Google Buzz on ... 2011?


Google did maintain readonly access to Google Buzz post permalinks.

"E.g. this blog post:

links to (presumably the destination permalink at that time - as of 2012-05-22)

which then redirects to:

a shorter but less readable URL, with the username "scobleizer" apparently replace by an opaque userid "111091089527727420853". Post id "GQcJyW6TBta" appears to have remained the same, and the slug has been lost.

Still, at least the link still works with redirection and the original post and comments all appear to be intact."

Testing these links on 3/Feb/17, they just generate error pages.

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